Engineering and Product Teams

Build and scale your tech teams with qualified experts minus the management headache!

We offer a range of team scaling solutions with specialists across areas such as UI/UX design, development, and testing. They provide flexibility to scale your engineering and product teams with confidence!


Augment Teams for Growth On-Demand

Scale your engineering or product team externally as needed to fast-track specific areas of IT projects or to scale product growth on demand.
Qualified Experts with Global Experience
Leverage global product and project experience across industries with AWS-certified developers, among others.
Fast Turnaround Times
Ensure product and project delivery timelines are easily met with constant updates and high-velocity delivery.
High-Quality Coding
Receive code that is tested and fully secure and matches the needs of users without errors.
Strong Commitment Without Managing
Enjoy team compatibility and a responsible work ethos without the management headache.

Flexibility in Scaling Products and Projects

We offer engineering and product team augmentation services to match distinct stages of your project or product development journey and associated scaling needs.
Client Testimonials & Case Studies

Global Product and Project Partners Who Trust Our Work

Clients trust our engineering and product team augmentation services in countries ranging from Australia, and the Netherlands, to Sri Lanka. Here, we share partner experiences and one of our favourite projects to date.

“Outsourcing offshore to Beta Launch in Colombo was no different to when we worked with them physically in Melbourne pre-COVID on our planning and evaluation tool Takso for the cultural development space. Their product engineering and development work of course requires no mention because it is simply top notch, but what I was particularly impressed with was how they negotiated the distance smoothly through their processes and routine online sessions.

Whether with their team here in Australia or their developers in Colombo, it just feels like working with another one of us, and they’ve managed to gain my trust and confidence!’

John Smithies
Executive Officer – Cultural Development Network (Australia)
We look at our effort helping scale the Takso product and team on-demand across a 3-year engineering and product team augmentation effort so far. The planning and evaluation tool built specifically for the cultural development sector in Australia has gone on to acquire 15 new pilot site customers since the initial engagement with Beta Launch in 2019. The product’s success has enabled Takso to gain further funding, and work is in progress to move up to 25 pilot sites within 2022!
Tools & Technologies

Our Mastery of a Full Suite of Tools to Improve Experience

We’ve mastered using the world’s top web analytics, CRM, optimization, social listening, and digital experience tools to perfect customer experience while ensuring seamless integration.
Scale Teams Process 

A Clear-Cut Augmentation Solution Delivery Process

Below, we’ve outlined our 4-step process to ensure that you can scale your engineering or product team effortlessly and that your project continues seamlessly.
Schedule Discovery Call
First, we schedule an exploratory call to build rapport and trust and understand challenges and needs.
Gather Requirement
We’ll next gather your exact engineering or product team requirements based on the discovery call.
Submit Proposal
Next, we prepare a proposal outlining our scale teams solution to match your exact need.
Commence Engagement
We finally begin the agreed-upon team augmentation engagement with you seamlessly.

Let's Discuss Your Exact Need Today

We’d love to get on an initial discovery call with you to understand your engineering or product team’s challenges and needs. So book a call below to build rapport, trust, and explore your exact requirement.


Digital products and projects for our clients across industries. Here’s a brief look.


Specialized cloud-based payroll software for payroll service providers to streamline process and grow payroll business


A planning and evaluation product specifically built for the cultural development space in Australia, to improve cultural event outcomes.

Clothes Loop

Online clothes-swapping prototype to tackle the fast fashion problem by connecting designer tags and conscious-fashion buyers.