Worrying About How to Get the First Customers for Your Digital Product?

Our one-on-one coaching sessions will empower your team to excel in customer needs discovery, validation, and driving customer-centric growth.
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Do These Struggles Sound Familiar When Trying to Scale Your Product?

Building a product is easy, the hard part is selling it. This becomes even more challenging when what you’ve built doesn’t match the target market’s needs. 
Challenges Scaling Product and Finding First Customers
Navigating the digital landscape to scale your product and secure initial customers can be a daunting task. 
Unclear Value Proposition
Uncertainty about your product's unique value proposition can hinder your growth potential. 
Skill Gaps in Outreach and Discovery
Scaling outreach and customer discovery often requires skills that might be missing in your team.

Customer Development Coaching 

Our 6-month coaching program is designed to help your team perfect customer discovery, assess demand for your product in the market, make changes, and get your first customers.
Global Product Management Frameworks 
From the kickoff meeting during week 1, and the weekly book reviews, to the various product and marketing models plus frameworks covered, the program involves transferring our knowledge accrued over 10+ years in building successful products to you.
Hands-on Support
This is not a consulting engagement where we leave you to fend for yourselves! We’ll work to understand your product idea, existing customers, and market segments through research, while also getting on initial customer discovery calls to set direction.
No need to reinvent the wheel! We’ve got tried and tested templates for everything from making discovery calls, and carrying out LinkedIn outreach, to building customer personas. Our question sets, checklists, and plug-and-use models will help you during the consultancy and beyond!
At critical junctures during the 6-month consultancy, we’ll review progress made. This includes learning outcomes assessments, LinkedIn outreach and discovery call reviews, plus discovery sprint retroactive sessions at the end individual outreach/discovery iterations.
Consultancy Specifics:
Duration & Format
6 months, virtually or in-person depending on preference and location
Participant Number
Up to 7 individuals from the product and customer success team 

Top Product Companies We Work With

We’ve helped numerous product companies across the globe shape their products based on customer insights and scale through hands-on customer development guidance.
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Connect with Our Customer Development Team

We invite you to reach out to our team below so we can understand the nuances of your product and your challenges in scaling it, so we can guide you on customer development and help you get your first customers online. 
Gavinda Jayasinghe
Head of Customer Development
It’s great to see the excitement in the eyes of fresh startup founders and product/tech team, when we introduce the concept of customer development or co-creating products with the customer. We provide structure to ask the right questions and identify needs.
Customer Development Program

Our Week-Based Program Agenda 

During the 6-month program, we will ensure your product team can draw on direct customer insights to sell your product with ease. 
Week 1 – Kickoff Meeting

Kickoff meeting where the brief will involve the following:

a) Agenda for 6-month program including learning plan
b) Timelines
c) Responsibilities
d) Goals/Results

Also, Week 1 will involve parallel learning between Beta Launch and Tracified teams.

Week 2 – Knowledge Transfer (KT) Start

Review of 1st book and learning outcomes assessment.

+Introduction to Agile framework (to support program effectiveness and future learning + application)

Week 3 - KT & Intro to Account-based Marketing

Review of 2nd book and learning outcomes assessment.

+Account-based marketing (organization structure, hierarchy, awareness of specific issues/needs, personalization)

Week 4 – KT & Intro to LinkedIn Outreach

Review of 3rd book and learning outcomes assessment.

+Outreach scripts/buyer psychology (across channels including LinkedIn and email)

Week 5 – KT Continue & LinkedIn + Email Outreach Begins

Review of 4th book and learning outcomes assessment.

+Start LinkedIn outreach + email

Week 6 - Week 12 - 1st Iteration of Outreach & Discovery and Retrospective Session

conducting of Discovery calls with prospects (*Beta Launch team will be a part of first discovery calls in setting the tone, finalizing question set, etc.)

+Parallel sessions to review accept rate, responses on LinkedIn, video recordings of discovery calls, etc., to fine-tune messaging and discovery conversations.

* Discovery Sprint Retrospective Session at the end of first iteration of outreach/discovery

Week 13 - 24 - Half-Way Point Review + Start of Three 4-Week Discovery Iterations

Half-way mark (3 months completed), assess understanding of market, problems, who the actual customer Tracified can sell to is, etc.

Fine-tune understanding and learning through continuous outreach/discovery while building adequate sample size to test validations.

Three 4-week iterations of outreach/discovery need to be run to establish actual understanding. (Week 12 to 16 + Week 16 to 20 + Week 20 to 24)

*Discovery Sprint Retrospective Session at the end of each 4-week iteration

Final Consulting Week - Discovery Sprint Retrospective + Way Forward Strategy Session

Discovery Sprint Retrospective Session involving customer success team and leadership team

+‘Building With a Purpose’, an outcome-strategy setting and alignment session

Product Management Training

Elevate your accelerator program's startup success rate with our specialized Product Management workshops. 

Custom Training Solutions
Craft personalized product management training programs tailored to the specific needs of your accelerator program's startups. 
Global Product Management Frameworks
Gain a strong understanding of how to use global product management frameworks in ensuring the success of your cohort. 
Interactive Workshops
Engage in practical, hands-on workshops designed to equip startups with product management best practices that they can apply.