No Deeper Disappointment than a Misguided Product Vision, Leading to Its Untimely End.

Overlooking customer needs, difficulty understanding the product’s purpose, and product roadmaps that don’t match business objectives.

Deep knowledge of customer needs is a critical first step so your product can avoid this fate.

As your trusted product management partner, we’ll work hard to absorb your product’s essence, so each decision propels your business forward.
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Product Visionaries Speak

One thing I learned partnering with Beta Launch on the development of our legal product MetJip is that they have an excellent product management practice, beyond their top-notch engineering skills. Right from the start, we had workshops to identify my clients' needs better and to ensure a strong product strategy. And their customer-centric approach helped them quickly adapt to changing requirements based on feedback as they built the product.
Aukje Looijmans
Founder – MetJip / Owner - Looijmans Juristen
Product Management Services

Considerable Choice to Do Product the Right Way

In consulting diverse startups and corporates, we’ve helped them align their product vision, strategy, and roadmap to customer and business needs, shaping critical decisions throughout the product development lifecycle. And our specialized services help approach it end-to-end.   

Product Management Training (Workshops)

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Product Managers as a Service

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Customer Development Coaching

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Product Management Expertise

A Look at Diverse Product Problems We’ve Solved for Clients

From diving deep to understand the exact digital employment contract needs of Dutch SMEs, and helping a SaaS payroll product perform a customer segment pivot, to delivering product management training to upskill Sri Lankan tech MSMEs, we’ve enjoyed solving a unique array of product problems.

The Lost Art of Doubling

The first part of a product sign-up funnel optimization solution for top South Asian investment bank CAL, helping improve digital sign-ups to their investing portal as part of their wider digital transformation efforts.
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Janaka Ediriweera

Principal Product Consultant / Co-Founder 

Growth in Digital Signups
Growth in Engagement Rate
What helps make a tech product commercially successfully is how it matches customer and business needs. Our product gurus are great at ensuring this throughout the product development lifecycle, so have a chat with the best in the business about your need.
Product Management Gospels

A Look at Some of Our Product Management Favourites 

Here’s a sneak peek of some of our go-to product management texts, so you can explore the timeless entrepreneurship and product insights they offer.  
Lean Enterprise
Jez Humble, and Joanne Molesky
Discover transformative insights to unlock growth through the lean enterprise wisdom in this classic, helping you propel your business by streamlining processes and encouraging innovation.
Good to Great
James C. Collins
Explore timeless principles on how some companies transition from being good to great while many others don’t, in this management bible for the ages.
Escaping the Build Trap
Melissa Perri
Liberate yourself from the ‘build trap’ in this go-to product management text, helping you adopt customer-centric practices that allow for outcomes over outputs. 
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Growth in Digital Signups
Growth in Engagement Rate
Most grateful for your invaluable visit and the mission undertaken, adding value to elevate the standards of rural disadvantaged students, learning to make better progress. Greatly done and much admired.
Kushil Gunasekera

Founder - Foundation of Goodnes

Startup Street Cred!

Our Startup and Product Roots Go Deep

We started our journey as a product-focused tech startup in 2017/2018 as part of Cohort 2 of the RMIT Activator. And we learned a lot about startups and building commercially successful products through numerous failed attempts in our early years, trying to solve our own issues in identifying our ideal customer, establishing product-market fit, and delivering simple experiences. Explore the full story of our transformation from product startup to globally reputed product management and CX consulting and services firm!
CX Services to Ensure ‘Daily-Use’ Products

Workshops, resources, and coaching to ensure commercially successful products! 

Customer Experience Design
A Progressive Journey to Daily-Use Products
Set off on a transformative shift from UI/UX to CX, understanding your customers closely to craft product experiences that resonate with them so daily-use is a given.  
Design Experience Strategically
Redesign the journey your customer takes so they can get what they want simply, so the different touchpoints close the gap between customer expectations and reality.
Seamless Implementation 
Bring designed experiences to life across the digital touchpoints, so you can encourage daily product usage and enhance customer satisfaction.