Struggling to Fill Tech Skill Gaps in Specialized Areas?

Discover how Beta Launch’s specialized product and engineering resources can bridge your skill gaps and propel your tech products or projects forward. 
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Facing challenges in sourcing the right talent with expertise in areas like DevOps and Cyber Security? 
Resource Shortage
Inadequate in-house skills to meet the demands of complex projects or specific tech stacks. 
Cybersecurity Concerns
Vulnerabilities in product development that need immediate expert attention to safeguard your data and reputation. 
DevOps Dilemma
Lacking the streamlined processes and automation required for efficient product delivery.

Specialist Resource Augmentation 

Tailored Expertise 
Beta Launch’s specialist resources offer the precise skills needed for your project, ensuring the right fit for your development needs.
Flexible Augmentation 
Scale your resources up or down as your project requirements change, ensuring cost-efficiency. 
Specialized Tech Stacks 
Access experts in specific tech stacks, including ELK Stack, React.js, Redis, and more. 
Beta Launch bridges critical tech skill gaps by offering specialist resources that match your product and project needs. Our flexible augmentation model allows you to adapt to changing project needs while accessing experts in specific technology stacks or disciplines such as DevOps and Security.  
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Get in touch with our specialist resources to fortify your project with the right skills and expertise. 
Janaka Ediriweera
Principal Product Consultant
"Utilizing specialized resources is a game-changer in today's complex tech landscape. Beta Launch empowers you to tap into the expertise required for successful project execution."
Gavinda Jayasinghe
Head of Customer Development
"Efficiently managing project resources can mean the difference between success and failure. Beta Launch's specialist resource augmentation fills the gaps and ensures project excellence." 
Augmentation Case Studies 

Demonstrating Success with Specialized Resources 

Our success stories in specialist resource augmentation are a testament to our ability to address critical skill gaps and resource shortages. Through these examples, we highlight our track record of achieving project milestones, ensuring stringent security measures, and delivering project outcomes within set timeframes 

Specialists Propelling Culture Forward

We look at our effort helping scale the Takso product and team on-demand across a 3-year engineering and product team augmentation effort so far. The planning and evaluation tool built specifically for the cultural development sector in Australia has gone on to acquire 15 new pilot site customers.
Our Clients’ Voice

Specialized Skills 

Growth in Digital Signups
Growth in Engagement Rate
"Working with Beta Launch to develop our product, we were also able to harness specialized skills in DevOps and Cyber Security. Their experts have enhanced Takso's security and efficiency greatly." 
John Smithies

Founder – Takso / Executive Officer - CDN

CX Insights

Beta Launch Expert Insights

Read articles on the significance of specialized resources, their impact on project success, and how they contribute to cybersecurity in the digital age. 
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Retainers & Teams

Scale your product development efforts seamlessly and tackle your product roadmap with agility. 

Retainers & Teams
Dedicated Development Teams
Continue building your startup's vision with dedicated teams ready to expand features, enhance scalability, and improve user experiences. 
Continuous Product Enhancement
Ensure your product evolves and stays competitive with collaborative efforts to refine, optimize, and expand capabilities while maintaining top quality. 
Flexible, Tailored Retainers
Access skilled resources on fixed-contract or annual retainers, designed to align with your specific requirements. Avoid the intricacies of recruitment while benefiting from our expert resources.