No Bigger Letdown than a Team That Doesn’t Understand Your Business and Isn’t Invested. 

A mismatch with business goals, bugs, cost overruns, wasted time and resources, and usability issues are just some of the horrors. 

So, picking a responsible team that matches your business and product needs is critical.

As your trusted development partner, we’re great at building the right thing in a timely manner while being fully invested in your product.
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Engineering & Product Team Benefits

We’ve Mastered Building the ‘Right Thing’

Anyone can build products today. But to build for customer and business goals plus for scale is a rare art. We’ve mastered it over many years and here are its benefits. 
Developers Who Understand Your Business 
Our team strives to understand your business with or without prior domain experience, through curiosity, strong business fundamentals, and analytical minds.
An Agile Approach to Delivery 
Our approach of delivering the product iteratively while gaining customer feedback continuously ensures faster time-to-market of working software.
Scale Teams on Demand, Pay As You Use 
You can scale your engineering and product teams up or down depending on need and pay only for the resources and their time used.  
Qualified Professionals with Vast Experience
Gain access to a team of the best resources for any development job, whether engineering, testing, or DevOps, through our team’s global reach. 
Team-Based Services

The Freedom to Build Your Product ‘Your Way’ 

In our many engagements building products for startups and enterprise, we’ve understood specific resource needs and cost considerations based on the stage of the product or project. They’ve shaped our Engineering and Product Teams services.

Build Your Product from Scratch

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Specialist Resource Augmentation

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Retainers & Teams

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Development Case Studies

Measures of Our Team’s Success in
Developing Client Products

Development engagements are usually measured in terms of metrics such as the number of sprints completed and security, and here we highlight a few case studies that display our ability to build high-quality, secure products within specified timeframes.

The Lost Art of Doubling

The first part of a product sign-up funnel optimization solution for top South Asian investment bank CAL, helping improve digital sign-ups to their investing portal as part of their wider digital transformation efforts.
Agile Development Process

Cultivating Product Confidence Through Our Secure Agile Development Framework

Our development process is agile and secure, ensuring we can deliver products that match your vision and propel your business. We rely on iterative sprints, stringent security measures, and direct feedback loops so building the ‘right thing’ is natural and cost-effective.  
Step 01
Defining Requirements, Gathering User Stories

To first establish a strong understanding of your product vision and user needs, we collaborate closely with you to define project requirements clearly and gather user stories. This clarity allows for a strong foundation to the development process.

Step 02
Dual-Track Iterative Sprints: Uniting Discovery and Delivery

Next, our development team collaborates to build and fine-tune features iteratively, with a parallel discovery track running to understand user needs and validate assumptions. The continuous feedback loop lets us quickly adapt to changing requirements while staying true to your product vision.

Step 03
Rigorous, Continuous Security Implementation

With the features developed, our security specialists run thorough assessments, identify vulnerabilities, and implement safeguards to make sure your product meets the highest data protection and privacy standards, right across the development lifecycle.

Step 04
Test, Validate, and Deploy

Finally, thorough testing and overall validation of the full product are run. The quality assurance team carefully checks functionality, performance, and security. Once successfully tested, the latest features are deployed to the product, and ongoing monitoring and maintenance continued.

Our Clients’ Voice

Product Visionaries
for Whom We Build

Growth in Digital Signups
Growth in Engagement Rate
‘Thanks to Beta Launch, my hope in the MetJip legal product was rekindled after two expensive failed attempts trying to develop it with different software development companies. Their strength in understanding the business requirement and how it would help our SME clients really sets them apart. I share a close relationship with their team, and I know I can trust their abilities and their humanity, which makes it a special partnership’.  
Aukje Looijmans

Founder – MetJip / Owner - Looijmans Juristen

Our Development Specialists

Connect with Our Development Specialists

The coming together of highly qualified professionals from different engineering disciplines allows us to creatively approach the building of successful products, mitigating cost, time, quality, and security risks while providing a stress-free development experience for clients. Reach out to our dev team members below to start a conversation about your needs.
Tiran Praneeth
Principal Delivery Lead
To lead a development team that keenly understands the business impact of each ticket, each sprint, is something I enjoy every day. Because this allows us to build top notch products that meet business and customer expectations.  
Tharindu Lakmal
Delivery Lead
While many think that developing software is all technical and lacks feeling, there is a lot of creativity required when developing a solution that meets the needs of a user. The coding comes later. This mix is what I enjoy most.
Dev Thought Leadership

The Journey from Tech as a Commodity to an Enabler of Customer and Business Value

With the easy accessibility of tech, its mere adoption today cannot guarantee a competitive advantage. Rather, tech differentiation comes through creative problem-solving, effective product management, and a strong understanding of customer needs.

In this article, we explore this thinking within the context of the BFSI industry, highlighting the much-needed shift in focus from flashy tech to customer needs to ensure project and product success.
Explore Our Product Management Practice

Workshops, resources, and coaching to ensure commercially successful products! 

Product Management
Build Product Mindset Team-Wide 
Empower your team with a culture that fosters collaboration, innovation, and customer-centric thinking, with the product front and center throughout.
Gain Benchmarked Product Knowledge and Tools 
Practice global-standard product management frameworks, methods, and tools for effective product ideation, development, and management.
Enjoy Commercially Successful Products 
Ensure product market-fit and commercial success by closely understanding your target customer, being responsive to market demands, and prioritizing features that resonate strongly.