Complementary Parts Forming a Singular Whole: People, Process and Culture

Join a community of like-minded problem solvers and enjoy growing across work and life equally.

The World of Beta Launch Unearthed: Stories and Opportunity from a Global Tech Powerhouse

A Different Way

Beta Launch Stories

The journey of our team and evolving culture chronicled through the stories of our people. Shaping the whole, our way of life and work have gained a name across the tech space for being different and rewarding. Learning, doing, enjoying, and serving others, this is our magic mantra.  

Our North Star: Unwavering Guidance Through Business’s Many Ebbs and Flows

‘Polaris principles’ we often call them. We keep going to them across everything Beta. They’re principles that go deep below the surface; they define us.
Customer Success
Valuing customer relationships and outcomes over selling
Continous Feedback
A system of continuous input integration and refining
Over Deliver
We go beyond the limitations of scope and agreement, always
Transparent Communication
We offer access to work progress and update often in honest terms
Gain efficiencies wherever possible for focus on high-involvement tasks
Customer Development Coaching

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