When Tech Serves a Purpose, Your Customers are Happy, and Growth is a Given.

By crafting the right digital products and software for your market, we help you deliver greater customer value, unlock fresh revenue ability, and make your business nimbler.
The Problem

Digital Products Built Without Understanding

Building tech and digital products is easy, but doing so with a proper understanding of a specific business domain and what the market needs is difficult.

So, many take the simpler approach of just building. This can lead to products that don’t function as expected and don’t meet customer needs, resulting in loss of money and time.
Does the development team you are working with not understand your business? 
Is it difficult for your development partner to absorb and execute the essence of your product?
Is there a disconnect between your tech product and the business outcomes you seek?
Our Service Answers

Our select services let you go through your product journey confidently, picking what’s needed at a particular stage.

Product Management

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Customer Experience Design

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Engineering & Product Teams

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Problem-Solving Stories

Our work crafting products and shaping experience for our startup and corporate clients.

From solving digital conversion issues for a top investment bank, and helping a legal startup save time through digital contracts, to giving a cultural development organization a tool to help clients measure outcomes, we thrive solving diverse problems.
A planning and evaluation product specifically built for the cultural development space in Australia, to improve cultural event outcomes.
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A digital-led productization solution innovating on a traditional employment contract services model, helping deliver business outcomes including revenue growth and efficiency.
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Specialized cloud-based payroll software for payroll service providers to streamline process and grow payroll business.
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Let’s Meet Online for a Chat to Talk Business, Needs and Life. The Coffee is On Us!

Listening is an art today. So, connect with our Head of Customer Development, Gavinda, who’ll lend an ear and be a sounding board for you to talk about your tech and marketing challenges. Book a free session online below. Also, we’re perhaps the first consultancy to deliver free coffee!

Our Perspectives on Global Business 

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Here, we look at tech, CX, and marketing topics shaping business across spaces like banking, innovation, and legal, sharing insights based on our close understanding and experience working with the best globally.
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Thought Leadership

Print & Digital Editorial Contributions

Contributions from the Beta Launch team’s thought leaders on topics like product management and CX as featured in top business, economics, and technology publications. 
Opinion: Putting customer needs first, shifting focus from flashy tech in BFSI
A mental shift to help banking CTOs get tech buy – in quickly
‘CTO – the Psychologist’

A Different Way

Beta Launch Stories

The journey of our team and evolving culture chronicled through the stories of our people. Shaping the whole, our way of life and work have gained a name across the tech space for being different and rewarding. Learning, doing, enjoying, and serving others, this is our magic mantra.