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Humanised solves the modern small business talent acquisition, management and retention problem by leveraging it’s user-friendly, cost-efficient and easy to operate SaaS product. Feature-rich but not overwhelming, Humanised gives small business owners and talent management officers the tools they need to perform alongside the realities of small business human resource management.


Working closely with cultural producers and the government, WhiteBox conceptualises a planning and evaluation framework for organisations to design activities based on historic evidence for the best outcomes as well as evaluate to understand performance.


Offering a new way for local government organisations to prototype IoT use cases, test hardware options and understand ROI faster. With AnyIoT, you can test most of the devices you need, minus the lock-in and costs. Focus on your business priorities without the hassle of technology solution evaluation, plug and play and let the data show you the way.

We can help you at every step of the way!

Clarify your vision and strategy as well as understand the problem space before the solution space using design thinking workshops and design sprints.

Transform ideas into concepts, information structures, interactions and visuals so you can communicate, evaluate and define as well as test.

Define your riskiest hypothesis and design tests to prove assumptions, enabling you to de-risk opportunities based on actual results.

Scale teams sizes; access specialised resources as well as uplift your team capabilities.  Augment talent, source dedicated teams as well as set up, recruit, and train talent enabling you to scale your own teams.

24×7 critical business processes, systems, and products concierge providing you peace of mind while you sleep.

Case studies; our collection of success stories in solving real-world problems

Case Studies

Case Studies

Case Studies

We breed ventures!

Startup or corporate – we help turn your ideas into businesses. To make it through the downturn and return to growth; companies will need to rewire operations, reallocate resources, and in some cases reinvent business models. Joint ventures and partnerships help many firms realise these efforts.
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