No Bigger Pain for Customers than Poor User Experience

Beta Launch helps uplift the experience of digital interactions, so customers feel valued, confident, and happy, driving daily product use.
Learn How We Ensure This

Understanding UX Frustrations

High Bounce Rates
Users quickly leave your website, portal or app due to frustrating experiences.
Conversion Problems
Missed sales opportunities caused by friction in user journeys.
Adoption Issues
Struggles with user onboarding and low product adoption rates.
Our Clients’ Voice

Great CX Involves a
Collective Effort 

Growth in Digital Signups
Growth in Engagement Rate
‘Good CX starts long before the finished product, and this is what Beta Launch excels at...understanding customer needs through different methods. Then, translating this into experience design across the digital touchpoint is effortless for them. Our partnership has grown ever stronger because they know the business implications of the experiences they design, which is invaluable for us as we grow our business digitally.’ 
Tharindra Kulasinghe 

CIO – Capital Alliance Limited 


User Experience Design

Data-Driven Insights
Harness the power of data analytics and customer research to uncover actionable insights.
Intuitive Journey Design
Craft seamless and user-friendly customer journeys that keep users engaged.
User-Centric Interface
Create interfaces that are customized to meet user preferences, ensuring exceptional user experiences. 
At Beta Launch, we're dedicated to crafting exceptional digital experiences. With data-driven insights, journey optimization, and interface redesign, we turn challenges into digital solutions, ensuring your brand thrives. Join us to boost conversions, engagement, and online sales. 
The Architects of Experience

Connect with Our Architects of Experience

In our team, numerous professionals come together to shape experience on your product, drawing on their expertise across research, customer development, product, design, and more. We invite you to reach out to our team below and discuss how we can improve your product’s CX.
Senior UX Designer
Despite more focus today, it has always been about ‘experience’ when it comes to products. ‘Look and feel’ can only take your product so far. Customers want to do things in a simple way, not just admire pretty design. This change in thinking will help take your product far.  
Head of Research & Customer Development 
With market saturation reaching an all-time high, experience or the emotional perception a customer has when using a product or service can set you apart. And so, understanding preferences is critical. Experience redesign starts long before the finished digital touchpoint we see.
CX Case Studies

How We’ve Designed Experience to Deliver Business Outcomes for Clients Globally 

In areas ranging from legal, and finance, to cultural development, our customer experience design work is renowned for its strong match to business outcomes, whether that’s higher usage, revenue growth, or increased efficiency. 
A planning and evaluation product specifically built for the cultural development space in Australia, to improve cultural event outcomes.
Read Case Study
A digital-led productization solution innovating on a traditional employment contract services model, helping deliver business outcomes including revenue growth and efficiency.
Read Case Study
Specialized cloud-based payroll software for payroll service providers to streamline process and grow payroll business.
Read Case Study
CX Whitepaper

Whitepaper Sneak Peek: Uncovering the Mystery of Banking’s Digital Services Revenue Drop  

Our whitepaper shows you a tried and tested solution, which involves personalizing banking experiences for specific customer segments while treating digital services as a sales tool. The infographic explores a framework to do so beautifully, the famed AARRR pirate metrics framework. Our unique interpretation of it also adds customer segmentation to the mix. Download the whitepaper and grow your bank’s digital revenue.  
In-Depth Research to Understand Your Customers

Unlock customer insights to create exceptional user experiences and products! 

Customer Research
In-Depth Customer Interviews 
Explore the minds of your customers through in-depth interviews, gaining valuable insights that inform your product design and user experience. 
Comprehensive Data Points
Utilize advanced data analytics tools deployed across your digital properties to uncover behavioral patterns and preferences that drive user engagement. 
CRM Data Analysis
Leverage existing CRM data and other sources to gain a comprehensive understanding of your customers, ensuring your strategies align with their needs.