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Discover how Beta Launch's Product Management Workshops empower accelerator programs to equip startups to build successful, customer-focused products. 
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"From March to November 2023, as Beta Launch designed and delivered the 4-city product management program initiated by USAID Catalyze PSD and ICTA, the participating startups continuously communicated the significant changes in their approach to product dev, design, marketing, and business. Top notch product expertise and their uniquely interactive style of delivery, real-world exercises, and guidance helped the partcipants get more actionable context on guiding their products into the global market successfully." 
Bernard Arulanandam

Technical Solutions Manager, SME CompetitivenessUSAID CATALYZE Sri Lanka Private Sector Development (PSD)


As an Accelerator Program Manager, Do You Have These Worries About Your Startups?

In a cohort, there may be startups who face challenges in achieving product success, because they don’t have a proper product vision or a concrete product strategy.  
Building for Every Customer Segment
Startups frequently overlook fundamentals such as understanding the market and different customer segments, trying to build for everyone and missing niche opportunities.
Not Understanding Customer Needs
Insight into customer needs is essential for startups in accelerator programs. Neglecting this can result in products that don't resonate with the target audience. 
Product Roadmap Alignment Issues
Ensuring the product roadmap is aligned with customer needs and business objectives can be challenging without the necessary know-how, and can hinder their success in the program.

Product Management Workshops

Our Product Management Workshops help startups craft a clear product vision and strategy, understand ideal customer segments, and prioritize features that drive business objectives and customer satisfaction. 
Global Product Management Frameworks 
We train startups on using frameworks like ‘Crossing the Chasm’ and the ‘Product-Market Fit Pyramid’ to approach their idea or product strategically.
Real-Life Examples to Shorten Learning Curve 
We draw on our own product successes and failures as well as those of global giants, so the participants can avoid common mistakes and get customers sooner.  
Group Exercises and Templates
To drive home certain concepts, we facilitate exercises such as collaboratively working on the customer persona canvas as well as handing out templates for later use.
Workshop Specifics:
Duration & Format
4-Hour Workshop, Conducted In-Person or Virtually 
Participant Number
Up To 8
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Connect with Our Product Management Team

We invite you to reach out to our team below so we can understand the nuances of your program and share how our training can help make your startups’ products commercially successful. 
Janaka Ediriweera
Principal Product Consultant
Sharing what I’ve learned about developing successful, customer-focused products, drawing on my experience as a former startup founder as well as helping develop and scale product businesses, is the part I enjoy the best about our workshops.
Gavinda Jayasinghe
Head of Customer Development
It’s great to see the excitement in the eyes of fresh startup founders and product/tech team, when we introduce the concept of customer development or co-creating products with the customer. We provide structure to ask the right questions and identify needs.
Workshop Success Stories

Our Work with USAID to Help 42 Tech MSMEs Build More Customer-Centric Products 

Explore our case study on our partnership with USAID, where we co-created a workshop program to address the gap in use of product management and CX principles among local tech start-ups, which negatively impacted their chances of global commercial success.

Witness how our workshops led to a significant boost in the use of these principles by these tech start-ups in building products for the global market.
Workshop Success Stories

Guiding Tech Startups on Their Product Journey

We work with top accelerators and development organizations to impart world-standard product management fundamentals to everyone from tech startups, and food entrepreneurs, to budding founders at top universities.

Product Management
Master Class

Workshop Success Stories

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Customer Development Coaching

Empower your team with our Customer Development Coaching program, designed to help your product get its first customers online. 

Customer Development Coaching
One-on-One Coaching
Personalized, one-on-one coaching sessions with our experts to perfect customer discovery, validation, and scaling your product. 
Market Fit Assurance
Ensure your product aligns with market demands by leveraging customer insights to shape your value proposition.  
Scalable Outreach
Learn the art of outreach at scale, allowing you to reach a broader audience and grow your product.