Tiran Praneeth
Delivery Lead
What I love is how the full development team now considers the business impact of each ticket they work on. The clients see this.
Gavinda Jayasinghe
Customer Success
There’s always healthy conflict on the best way to grow and help our customers as we operate in vibrant markets with cultural nuances.
The highest reward is seeing the evolution of each member and how it’s shaped a perceptive team that delivers differentiated value.
Janaka Ediriweera
Product Consultant
Beta Launch Snapshot

A Team that Sees How Tech and Business Connect to Make Life Simpler

In 5 years, Beta Launch has grown into a world-class product management, CX and product engineering outfit that many startups, corporates, and development organizations have the highest regard for.

We consult on and develop digital products and software in spaces as dynamic as financial services, legal, and culture, helping clients achieve difficult business outcomes in challenging economic conditions. Through clarity of thinking and delivery, we’ve earned the privilege to work with top names like USAID and the Palladium Group.
Sri Lanka
With hubs in Melbourne and Colombo, we operate in vibrant markets including Australia, Oman, the Netherlands, and Sri Lanka, and with a growing team of professionals across research, design, product, business strategy, customer development and engineering, we’re equipped to solve most business problems.
Aukje Looijmans
Looijmans Juristen
Beta Launch Snapshot

How We Make Clients Feel is Important to Us 

In the pursuit of delivering specific outcomes for our clients, there is often an emotional journey that we take together with them that connects us beyond mere business.  
Thought Leadership

Print & Digital Editorial Contributions

Contributions from the Beta Launch team’s thought leaders on topics like product management and CX as featured in top business, economics, and technology publications. 
Opinion: Putting customer needs first, shifting focus from flashy tech in BFSI
A mental shift to help banking CTOs get tech buy – in quickly
‘CTO – the Psychologist’

Social Impact

Sharing Knowledge to
Empower Youth and Community 

To help shape the thinking and entrepreneurial ethos of young minds is one of our favourite things. It helps them convert their ideas into successful enterprises and products that strengthen the economy. 
‘Most grateful for your invaluable visit and the mission undertaken, adding value to elevate the standards of rural disadvantaged students, learning to make better progress.

Nothing teaches hope, kindness, courage and compassion like helping others.’
Kushil Gunasekera

Founder - Foundation of Goodness


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