Welcoming the dawn of the New Year 2024

Welcoming the dawn of the New Year, Beta Launch gracefully entered 2024 through an intimate and traditional ceremony. Taking center stage was a large table adorned with a spread of traditional Sri Lankan food. The ceremony commenced with a brief speech from one of our founders, Janaka Ediriweera. In his address, he took a moment to highlight the successes of 2023 and reiterate our collective goals for the upcoming year. Following this, each team member participated in the lighting of the oil lamp, symbolizing our enduring support and commitment to propelling Beta Launch to new heights.

Subsequently, the entire team gathered for a communal breakfast. This time was filled with lively and engaging stories recounting everyone's holiday experiences. The team breakfast served as an excellent way to ease everyone back into the office routine and prepare for upcoming responsibilities after a rejuvenating week of holidays. It also provided an opportunity for colleagues to reconnect and catch up with each other. The ceremony concluded with a few words of encouragement, and as everyone dispersed, they embarked on their first day of work for the new year!