Getaway to Action Park in Hanwella

The day began at 7:00 AM, with the team gathering at the Beta Launch headquarters, ready for a day away from their usual routine to Hanwella, for a day of games and activities.

Upon arrival at Action Park, a quick breakfast fuelled the team and first on the agenda were team building activities, where the team was divided into two. The team then participated in various activities, including over-and-under ball passes and human chain hoop transfers, testing their stamina. Later, the teams ventured into a game of paintball. Armed with paintball guns, they navigated bunkers, resembling a war zone, leaving everyone covered in paint by the end. Despite the fun, some bore ‘battle scars’ from the paintball encounters.

The crew then indulged in some lunch and jumped straight into the next activity, flat water rafting. The team descended a hill to reach the river, rafting along a calm 2km river, finding it a serene and intriguing experience. Returning uphill, we went back to base for the rest of our activities. After a short break the team geared up for a session of zip lining. Each member took turns as they slid down with the rest of the team cheering them on. The whole team then joined in for a game of cricket, with everyone batting, bowling, and cheering. A swim followed, with poolside games and laughter providing a refreshing break.

The day concluded with a barbecue and a bonfire, where the team gathered to reflect on the day’s adventures. Heading back to Colombo, we engaged in games and exchanged riddles, bringing a satisfying end to the excursion.