Deep Into the Heart of ‘Yala’

It has now become a tradition at Beta Launch to visit Kataragrama at the start of each year, to seek blessings and establish mental calm to successfully navigate the ensuing period. And as the holy city is bordered by ‘Yala’, we ventured deep inside for a two-night stay after completing the rituals at Kataragama.

A rickety log bridge that had seen better days had to be crossed first, and this is how our adventure began. We caught a glimpse of the plentiful birdlife in this sanctuary as we made our way towards a bungalow run by the wildlife department deep inside, our home for the next couple of days. As night fell, the team got up to our usual antics, surrounded by nature while realizing how close we were to every kind of creature imaginable.

We set off early next morning in search of Yala’s famed wildlife, with the bumpy ride through its distinct terrain providing much excitement. We encountered peacocks, deer, and crocodiles aplenty. Elephants were spotted too. The ‘elusive’ leopard remained so throughout our journey. But we returned to Colombo satiated and the images of our adventure still fresh in our memory. So, here’s to more trips to Yala and taking in its natural kind of magic together!