Christmas 2023

The 2023 Christmas Party was a culmination of meticulous planning that began well in advance. Teams were established at Beta Launch in early November, dedicated to organizing the event. It's safe to say that we successfully captured the true essence of the Christmas holiday.

Held on the Capital Heights rooftop from 7:00 pm onwards, the event saw everyone arriving (mostly) on time, dressed to the nines in reds and greens. The venue was adorned with an array of fairy lights, wreaths, and baubles, with the Christmas tree taking center stage, surrounded by gifts piled high underneath. The lights and the tree contributed to the warm ambiance, intensifying the cozy feeling that comes with celebrating the holidays with close companions. Not to be overlooked, the abundance of food and drinks added to everyone's merriment and excitement.

The festivities kicked off with the start of the music, ushering in a night of smooth sailing with good food, great music, and even better company. The atmosphere buzzed with dancing, hearty laughter, and an impressive number of photos taken. The highlight of the evening was the Secret Santa gift exchange, accompanied by a friendly competition to accurately guess the identity of each Secret Santa. This exchange revealed two things: Beta Launch is home to exceptional gift-givers, and keeping secrets wasn't a strong suit, as everyone seemed to know their Secret Santa all along.

Following the Secret Santa exchange, we took a moment to reminisce about our achievements throughout the years. This reflective pause provided perspective on our growth in the past year, fostering gratitude for all the knowledge and experiences gained in 2023. In true Beta Launch fashion, the reflective moment was followed by an abundance of food and drinks, accompanied by more dancing and the creation of lasting memories.