Boosting the Global Competitiveness of Sri Lankan Tech Scale-Ups

Beta Launch recently conducted a full-day Product Management and Customer Experience workshop called ‘A Method to the Madness’ for USAID and ICTA, as part of USAID’s Catalyze Sri Lanka Private Sector Development (PSD) Program facilitated by the Palladium Group. The workshop aimed to boost the global competitiveness of technology-focused Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Sri Lanka, while promoting the mobilization of private capital. 42 scale-ups and established firms that are part of The Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) participated in the workshop, which had three highly-engaging sessions.

The first session, Scaling ‘Product Everest,’ focused on establishing product-market fit and building products customers will use. The second session, Customer Experience is King, emphasized the importance of customer intimacy in shaping the best user experience. The third and final session, Shaping Trust, Reach and Compliance for Your Global Onslaught, addressed issues of trust, reach, and compliance in preparing for a global market.

The participants had custom needs, were at different stages of growth, and had specific concerns. Apart from intently absorbing standard frameworks and models in Product Management, Customer Development, and Customer Experience in a fresh way, the participants showed great energy as we interacted with them throughout and asked questions involving their specific issues involving growth. They came to us during and after the workshop on whether we could help them with areas including Product Management and Customer Development. Beta Launch was thrilled to help and is committed to empowering and inspiring tech entrepreneurs through its workshops and events.