Beta Launch Opens Its New Innovation Center in Colombo!

On the 21st of February, we celebrated the grand opening of our Innovation Center in Colombo, marking a new era in our 6-year journey of global innovation and collaboration so far.

Designed to enhance our employee and partner experience, the entire team eagerly gathered outside the new premises, after a month-long transitionary period of remote working.

The opening ceremony began with the cutting of a ceremonial ribbon by some of the company’s dearest and was followed by the local tradition of boiling milk, often a symbol of new beginnings. As the pot of milk started bubbling, the multi-faith religious leaders in attendance offered their blessings, invoking prosperity and success for the new venture. With the conclusion of the religious customs, laughter and stories flowed freely as guests and team mingled, enjoying the delectable flavors of kiribath (milk rice) and a variety of other traditional sweetmeats.  

This wasn't just the opening of our new space; it was a new beginning. As the day ended, the energy remained electric, fueled by a shared spirit of boundless possibility. We raised a toast, not just to the stunning new space, but to the incredible things we'd achieve together here. The celebration was a fitting start to Beta Launch's most exciting chapter yet.