A competitive, hands-on and colourful Vesak lantern competition

Before the last long weekend in April, the Beta Launch activities committee hosted a Vesak lantern-making competition. The teams were tasked with creating their very own Vesak lanterns from scratch, using only bamboo, tools, and stationery they could gather themselves.

The Beta Launch crew was split into four teams, and they quickly got to work, cutting and measuring the bamboo pieces to construct their elaborate lanterns. The air was filled with the sounds of bamboo being bound together and laughter as everyone pitched in to help one another.

After hours of hard work and creativity, the teams proudly unveiled their masterpieces. One team had built a life-sized rocket, the iconic symbol of Beta Launch, while another had crafted a classic Vesak lantern covered in recycled cloth. The third team built an intricate lantern, covered in the vibrant colours of Beta Launch, while the final team won with their stunning boat-shaped lantern, complete with the Beta Launch logo.

This competition brought the team together as everyone helped one another and pushed each other in the form of friendly competition. The night ended with a special guest judging all the lanterns and picking a winner. The team winded down with stories and lots of laughter, marking the beginning of a new tradition here at Beta Launch.