Customer Development & Sales

For Product Leaders Worth Their Salt. Strengthen your product and marketing roots and learn how to sell digital products like crazy!

Our curated set of product strategy, management and marketing workshops plus our 6-month customer development and product sales consulting service will help you:

Get up to speed with product essentials to target the right customer problem

Gain actionable insight to shape product, customer and marketing strategies

Validate assumptions through direct customer contact to sell and scale product

Workshops & Consulting

3 Services for Different Stages of Product Development, From Idea Through to Market Release

Product Management Basics

Half-Day Product Session for Marketers and CTOs

Our knowledge transfer workshop will equip you with the models, analysis frameworks and tools to discover an underserved customer need and match it.

Product Strategy Essentials

Half-Day Strategy Workshop for Tech and Marketing Managers

An interactive workshop where we’ll work together with you in understanding your customers’ why, defining your segments, prioritizing them and marketing to them.
Customer Discovery Pro

6-Month Customer Development Consultancy for Product Teams

In this 26-week consulting engagement, we’ll work together with your product, customer success and sales teams to build internal capacity in direct customer discovery. It’ll help you identify your actual customer, shape your product and build an early sales pipeline.

Why Do Aspiring Product Leaders Love Our Workshops and Consulting Gigs?

Because they provide actionable knowledge, insight, and a tested product plus marketing system to build, manage and sell mega-successful products!

Any product leader worth their salt needs to know the essentials our workshops and consulting engagement cover, to ensure long-term product and market success. If you’re curious to know more before you sign up, speak with us now!


Clients Always Offer the Best Validation

‘The product Tracified has had a product out for several years but we were running into a few challenges scaling and moving past our investment partner-based customer acquisition model. It left us wondering how many of them actually used the product. Beta Launch came in and offered a framework to analyze our opportunities and challenges while understanding who our actual customer segments are while identifying their major pain points. The workshop was compact and offered lots of value. We knew immediately what we should focus on, right from product features through to marketing and sales.‘
Uthpalie Thilakaratne
Co-Founder – Tracified