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A Body of Product and Marketing Knowledge and Templates for True Product Leaders

From chapter-wise book reviews on product classics like ‘Crossing the Chasm’, our suggestions on top online marketing courses, to easy templates for LinkedIn outreach, Beta Basics is our curated selection of essential knowledge for you to become a real product leader!

Book reviews

Get the Actionable Gist of Product and Marketing Gospels, Chapter-by-Chapter

Our easy-to-read book reviews deconstruct digital product classics like ‘The Four Steps to the Epiphany’ and ‘The Lean Product Playbook’. Our simplified versions will help align your products and strategies accordingly and lead mega-successful products!


Geoffrey Moore

Our review of this technology, product, and startup classic by Geoffrey Moore will help you quickly understand the technology or product adoption lifecycle. Learn the stages, select a market and cross the chasm to enjoy…

8 Chapters


Steve Blank

A business and product bestseller that helped launch over 10,00 startups and fresh corporate innovation ventures, we explore its practical wisdom section-by-section for you. The book that asserted that startups find new…

6 Chapters


Giff & Rimalovski

Essential reading material to understand consumer psychology and customer development, we deconstruct this practical guide on qualitative research. It will help you run customer interviews to gain insight that you can…

1 Chapter


Eric Ries

We deconstruct this startup bible by Eric Ries, giving you key lessons in product entrepreneurship and the testing of ideas and vision so you can recalibrate for success on-the-go instead of wasting time articulating business plans…

13 Chapters


Peter Thiel
Discover the groundbreaking insights of Peter Thiel’s bestseller and learn how to build the future! This comprehensive breakdown of Thiel’s entrepreneurial masterpiece will equip you with the knowledge and strategies…

14 Chapters


Peter Thiel

Discover the proven strategies and game-changing techniques outlined in Aaron Ross and Marylou Tyler’s bestseller and take your sales performance to new heights. This comprehensive breakdown of the revolutionary sales…

Suggested Courses

Boost Your Product Credentials with Top Courses!

Master the full range of marketing for digital products with these courses from digital marketing authorities like HubSpot and Ahrefs! Learn B2B account-based marketing, inbound strategies that include SEO and blogging, content marketing, and more.
Get agile certified with top courses across areas such as agile project management and development from top names including Google, IBM and Atlassian. Try out these interactive courses for yourselves and edge past your peers!
Essential for product managers, these courses from world-reputed institutions like Product School, Google, and Stanford will help you become a product leader and build and manage products customers love!

Inbound Marketing Optimization Course

Blogging for Business

Google SEO Fundamentals

Digital Marketing Course

Agile Project Management

Learn the Truth About Agile versus Waterfall

Introduction to Agile Software Development

Advanced Topics and Techniques in Agile

Product Management Fundamentals

Great Product Manager

Software Product Management Specialization

Product-Led Growth Micro-Certification (PLGC)™️


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Full time • Colombo, Sri Lanka

Full time • Colombo, Sri Lanka

Templates & Scripts

Fast Track Sales Growth with Our Cheat Sheets

Discovery Question Pro

Master the all-important discovery stage of customer development with questions you can ask potential customers to build informed products!

LinkedIn Outreach Scripts

Become a champion at cold outreach messaging via LinkedIn so you can get responses from leads that you can convert to calls!

Set Up Google Optimize

Run super experiments like A/B tests on your website to increase conversions with our simple checklist to set up and use Google Optimize easily!

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