Chapter Ten- The Mechanics Of Mafia 

From outside everyone in the company should be different in the same way. On the inside, every individual should be sharply distinguished by their work. Thiel says, it is important to build a team with people that are like one another, have similar interests, and genuinely like each other.

You should also think about why they would want to work for you in their point of view. And convince them why they should work for you instead of another recruiter. They already hear from other recruiters that they make a lot of money, work with smart people or solve important problems. You need to answer them with an answer specific to your company. Tell them why your company is unique and important.

Don’t bribe anyone with benefits and perks, so that you attract only loyal employees. Give your employees a standard benefit package to avoid conflict.

Entrepreneurs should take cultures of extreme dedication seriously. Everyone needs to be as similar as possible, so that they get along and work better together. You must have a sense of separation and specialness from the outside world, even if people call your group a mafia.