Partnering with the Foundation of Goodness to Do Good

We were thrilled to present our customized Product Management workshop, ‘Talking to Customers’, to 80 students from the Foundation of Goodness centre in Seenigama, a non-profit organization focused on development in rural Sri Lanka. We had the privilege of presenting to students from two different courses: the Cake, Pastry, and Bakery course in the morning session and the IT and Coding class in the afternoon session. 

In the morning session, we had 60 students with plans to pursue businesses in the food service industry. They enthusiastically participated as we took them through how they can identify and target specific niche segments to overcome saturated markets while introducing them to the basics of Customer Development. The ladies in particular were engaged and asked questions, and we all had a great laugh on how simple what we were proposing really was. 

The afternoon session with the IT and Coding students was just as exciting, with us taking them through the basics of learning software tools that align with their career goals and understanding their practical applications. We got them to deeply question why and what they want to do in tech, outlining numerous opportunities both locally and globally. We also introduced them to new topics such as Product Management and UI/UX, and the students were so enthusiastic that they wanted to learn more from us.  

Both sessions were a huge success, and we are glad we had the opportunity to contribute positively to the country’s people and economy.