Why Sri Lanka

Did You Know That All These Global Household Names Have Key Product Components Developed in Sri Lanka?

The Outsourcing Dilemma

While outsourcing software development presents huge benefits, from being cost-effective, and letting you optimize in-house resource use, to ensuring you go to market sooner, it also carries numerous negatives that you must consider and address when deciding to outsource from Australia.

Frustrated with communication gaps and misunderstandings with your outsourced team?

Tired of outsourcing nearshore and missing out on time zone advantages like faster turnaround times?

Struggling to establish proper cultural context and positive relationships with your outsourced vendor?

Worried about the standard of work of the resources in your outsourced team?

Why Sri Lanka Is Your Software Outsourcing Answer

Companies across the globe, ranging from giants like the London Stock Exchange Group and Sysco to thousands of mid-market firms and family businesses in countries like America, Australia, Sweden, and the U.K, have no qualms about the reliability and quality of Sri Lanka’s outsourced IT, software and product engineering capabilities due to these solid reasons.

Local IT Landscape

The Island’s Dynamic IT Ecosystem Positions It Strongly as a Global Tech Powerhouse

Recognized as the fourth largest export revenue stream in Sri Lanka, the island’s IT industry is multi-faceted and set to reach its target of becoming a US$ 5 Billion industry by 2025. The local IT landscape is diverse, and is composed of over 600 firms offering a wide selection of IT services ranging from ICT Infrastructure and Services, Software Development, Web Development, and ERP Software to Cloud Services.

25% of local IT firms cater exclusively to the international market

A recognized offshore development center for global Fortune 500 companies

IT-Focused Government Policies and Infrastructure

With the key role of IT in global economic development, the Government of Sri Lanka has rallied behind the industry, offering its support in the way of policy framework implementation and infrastructure development.


With the government recognizing IT as a priority sector as part of its National Export Strategy (NES) — channeling funds for industry growth by way of equity, grants, and credit facilities — together with initiatives such as the development of the National IT-focused brand ‘Island of Ingenuity – Sri Lanka Knowledge Solutions’, the industry is well-placed to continuously serve the IT and software needs of the global market.

A Crucible of Global Technological Advancement, Research and Innovation

The primary strength of Sri Lanka’s IT sector is no doubt its solid IT education foundation across secondary and tertiary levels. The country is home to countless globally-recognized State universities with a reputation for churning out highly-skilled ICT graduates, with world-standard qualifications in areas such as Software Engineering, Network & Security, and Graphic Design.

Between Sri Lanka’s non-fee levying State universities, fee levying State universities, and private institutes, approximately 8,000 IT graduates enter the market each year!

Still Have a Few Reservations About Outsourcing to Sri Lanka?

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Let’s Take the Outsourcing Conversation Forward

We understand the prospect of outsourcing offshore to any location can be quite overwhelming. There are numerous areas that you need to consider from different outsourcing models, and our domain expertise in the area you’d like to outsource, through to our process for managing outsourced projects. But before anything else, we’d love to get on a 30-minute exploratory call and have a chat to discover your exact requirement while sharing our insight.

We’ve Got a Selection of Outsourcing Products to Match Your Unique Needs

Product Management Consulting

Understand your different customer segments, the risks and value attached to each, and how to build the right digital solution for the audience.

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Design digital experiences that help solve customer problems simply and improve customer experience while delivering business outcomes.

Engineering and Product Teams

Get specialist resources in areas ranging from UI/UX design, and product management, to testing, to grow your teams without the headache of hiring and managing.


Our Clients’ Experience Outsourcing to Beta Launch

“Outsourcing offshore to Beta Launch in Colombo was no different to when we worked with them physically in Melbourne pre-COVID on our planning and evaluation tool Takso for the cultural development space. Their product engineering and development work of course requires no mention because it is simply top notch, but what I was particularly impressed with was how they negotiated the distance smoothly through their processes and routine online sessions.

Whether with their team here in Australia or their developers in Colombo, it just feels like working with another one of us, and they’ve managed to gain my trust and confidence!’
John Smithies
Executive Officer at Cultural Development Network