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Product Management Basics

A two-hour product session for Marketers and CTOs. Get equipped with the knowledge, analysis frameworks and tools to identify the right customer and match their underserved need so your product can enjoy market and commercial success.

2-Hour Virtually Conducted
Up To 10 Participants

Product Strategy Essentials

Half-day strategy workshop for Tech and Marketing Managers. A set of essential tools, frameworks and cheat sheets to help you build commercially successful products online!

4-Hour Workshop Conducted In-Person or Virtually
Up To 7 Participants

Customer Discovery Pro

6-month customer development consultancy for Product Teams. Identify your ideal customer, shape your product and marketing based on their needs, and get your first 10 customers digitally! In this engagement, we will work alongside your team every step of the way.

6 months, coducted virtually or in-person

Up to 7 participants

Customer Experience Design

Design digital experiences that match user needs and improve customer experience, so your products go on to enjoy more users, higher usage, and lower churn.
Starting at $65/Per Hour

Skilled engineers with 3 to 5 years relavant experience

Minimum spend of $36,000

Engineering and Product Team Augmentation

Get specialist resources in areas ranging from UI/UX design, and product management, to testing, to grow your teams without the headache of hiring and managing.
Starting at $45/Per Hour

Skilled engineers with 3 to 5 years relavant experience

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