How Dutch Legal Firm Looijmans Juristen Innovated on the Traditional Employment Contract Services Model to Grow Revenue and Help SME Clients Manage HR Contracts Digitally

MetJip is a digital contract management product for Dutch SMEs and enterprise firms, providing them ease, speed, and compliance in employment contracts and HR. The brainchild of Dutch Law Firm Looijmans Juristen, it draws on custom and dynamic contract templates and represents a first in the Netherlands within the professional services industry.

Their product MetJip helps users create, edit, sign, and execute customized, error-free employment or business contracts that are legally binding while remaining compliant. As a result, the law firm’s existing clients in industries ranging from training to software and new users have thronged to trial and use MetJip to get a competitive advantage.

Below, we explore this multi-faceted product which has allowed Beta Launch to explore a full range of possibilities in delivering business outcomes to Looijmans Juristen through a truly unique tech solution.


The Quest for a Scalable Revenue Model, a Custom Business Challenge with No Off-the-Shelf Solutions, and a Troubled Start

A legal practice operating in the south of the Netherlands, Looijmans Juristen had steadily developed a strong client base among local businesses with HR and employment contract needs. Business had generally come through their strong professional network and referrals due to their high-quality work and excellent client relationships, steered by legal practitioner, company owner, and MetJip founder Auijke.


With the law firm growing, she set her sights on scaling the business further. She was met, however, with traditional professional services and consulting challenges of needing to increase staff further to double or triple revenue, all the while having to be conscious of decent margins when achieving scale.


A related issue, the firm’s ability to take on higher-paying legal work such as consulting and litigation was limited, with staff spending excessive time on employment contract admin and management. In addition, there was a lot of manual effort, including back-and-forth phone calls and emails to make clarifications, typing contracts for specific needs, endless reviewing and forceful re-using of formats due to the lack of customizable templates.


The result? A slow contract services process, errors in contracts and legal fines as a result, and difficulty in taking on a higher volume of consulting work.


The firm had come up with several ideas on how their custom contract and workflow challenges could be solved while improving employment contract services and client experience. Although not articulated as such then, what they were discussing was productizing their professional services and incorporating digitalization and automation elements.


An attempt was made with a software services firm from Europe, however, the early version of the tech solution developed didn’t match the unique custom contract solution sought nor deliver the business outcomes expected. It was a failed product attempt.
A custom requirement without an off-the-shelf answer in the Netherlands or the region surrounding, the business problem required specialist expertise to comprehend, solve, and build accordingly. Mere tech delivery wouldn’t do here.


It was amid such conditions that Beta Launch and Looijmans Juristen first entered discussions to outline and understand the business problem thoroughly.

Traditional employment contract services: time-consuming repetitive tasks, multiple reviews, and error-prone
Dissection and Approach

Deep Dive to Absorb Problems, Legal Space, and Product Concept to Deliver Clearcut Business Outcomes

Over several initial discovery sessions, we fully understood the current employment contract services problem, how it was done presently, the challenges this presented in scaling the business, and the outcomes they wanted to achieve.

To gain a fuller picture, we leveraged existing process maps and collaboratively developed in-detail customer journey maps to absorb the firm’s complete process of providing employment contract services and the different points of interaction with clients.

They were looking to streamline the contracts aspect of their business, but there was a product idea alongside. The efficiency gained through streamlining would allow the firm to focus on higher-paying consulting and litigation work. At the same time, the product would help them create a fresh revenue stream and grow revenue predictably.

The essential requirement was to provide clients with a tool to make and send their employees contracts, agreements, and letters easily, faster, and more compliantly. It was a product their HR managers and departments would love, as it could simplify their employee and business contract management process while reducing expenses.

But a digital product, no matter how novel in concept, needs to fit into the actual lives of the user for it to be received well. Here, we relied on the jobs-to-be-done framework to draw up job maps for the different jobs that existing and potential clients would look to complete. These represented the various reasons that they would buy the product.

Here we understood that being able to create and manage custom and dynamic contract templates was their actual need.


Productizing Employment Contract Services While Offering a Digital Product Catering to Custom HR Contract Needs of SMEs

Productizing the contracts aspect of their professional services business while offering a fully-fledged digital product to clients was the solution. It would help them achieve several business outcomes simultaneously.

Mind you, MetJip had already partially developed the solution and had an early product version, but the structure and components had to be added by Beta Launch. So, we were also tasked with designing and developing the new version while consulting on managing the product.

The solution considered the types of employee documents companies needed, such as employment contracts, internship agreements, and contract expiration letters, and developed fully customizable and dynamic templates using logic.

From selecting whether a contract or a letter is needed and selecting the employee/contact for whom it is to be drafted to building a custom contract based on a series of questions, the solution offered HR personnel and company lawyers great flexibility and customizability.

These were freedoms they didn’t have before, and it let them draft legally binding contracts for unique and dynamic employment contract needs.

The solution integrated logical steps to enable customized contract templates, primarily through a list of questions that appear.

Examples of questions:

There are three question types here: employee details, organization settings such as salary frequency, and contract-specific questions. Again, this is an area Beta Launch had considerable input in, as there were no organization settings previously or certain question types, and there was unnecessary repetition.

Based on the answers provided to the questions, the relevant paragraphs or clauses of the contract appear on screen within the template being built. The entire contract text is built dynamically based on the answers given.

The dynamic contract templates allow company HR personnel or lawyers to draft highly-specific contracts for diverse employment contract needs. They can send them to MetJip to review digitally while adding comments. This entails a charge additional to the standard subscription, and there is a fee per review.

Once sent to the relevant employee via the platform, they reserve the right to review and comment as well and once finalized, can upload their signature or draw it digitally.
And you get a legally binding contract that can be created and managed digitally while connecting the law firm, company HR, and the employee.


An Industry-First LegalTech Product Delivering Business Outcomes and Creating Up-Selling Opportunity for Dutch Law Firm Looijmans Juristen

The product has helped Looijmans Juristen deliver value to more clients while drawing on their existing and established resources.


The product is (at least) threefold in what it helps the firm and its clients achieve:

Additionally, the product allows for new clients to be onboarded digitally using MetJip to handle their employment contract needs, with potential for them to be moved to higher revenue-generating consulting and litigation work thereafter. This is representative of the product-led growth strategy complementing their professional services business.


The law firm also enjoys access to a product dashboard, allowing them to get an overview of the different clients, revenue, and other important product business metrics.


Greater efficiency, revenue growth, and improved brand and customer experience, as outlined above, are just some of the benefits MetJip delivers to Looijmans Juristen and its clients.


It is indicative of the innovation that contemporary professional services firms, whether in the legal, accounting, or architecture space, need to consider to grow their business while serving evolving market needs.