How We Helped Dutch Law Firm Looijmans Juristen Go From 3 Wasted Years and No Working Solution to Releasing Their Employment Contract Management Software in 6 Months

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Thanks to Beta Launch, my hope in the MetJip legal product was rekindled once more after two expensive failed attempts with different software parties. They helped get our product out in just 6 months and continue our mission of supporting small businesses.
Aukje Looijmans
Looijmans Juristen
A Dutch law firm specializing in employment law and contracts, Looijmans Juristen is well-reputed in the south of the Netherlands for their transparency and strong understanding of SME legal needs.  




Products and Services
Employment Contract Services, Consulting and Litigation

Client's Strategic Focus

Looijmans Juristen’s strategic focus on the SME segment stems from the passion of Founder Aukje Looijman to help SMEs navigate the often-perceived complexities of legal and compliance for small businesses.


In recent years, the firm has made a strategic shift to grow its consulting and litigation business while innovating on its staple of employment contract services for clients, to benefit their business and their clients.

Product or Project Spotlight

The MetJip product, a software product idea conceived by Founder Aukje, to automate and simplify employment contract services for themselves, while also providing a novel custom employment contract management SaaS product for SME clients.

Context for Product Need

In the lead up to this software product need, there were numerous issues experienced involving their employment contract services process, the needs and service experience of their SME clients, plus the potential for business growth across their other services.


She knew there had to be an easier way to find a clause applicable to new contract situations, make new contracts faster for clients, and with less mistakes, while allowing the client to update past contracts based on company law changes in the country and build their own contract templates for specific needs. The first thoughts of a software product idea had taken form in Aukje.

The Challenge

The challenge in solving this problem was twofold as experienced by Looijmans Juristen.

There were no off-the-shelf software products that could handle their custom contract templates need for specific client contract requirements.

Productizing and digitalizing a component of a professional services business like Looijmans Juristen’s employment contracts can be challenging for a software firm.

The Slow Death of a Founder's Dream: Hope and Passion Killed

The complexity as Aukje learned the difficult way, working with 2 different software development firms across 3 years (one in the Netherlands itself, and the other in Ukraine), was in understanding her exact idea and requirement to then convert it into a practical tech solution.

This required that the party first understood the legal contracts domain, could develop the necessary business logic for the problem, and then uncover how it can be applied through a tech/digital solution.

Both solutions built didn’t match her requirement and were incomplete. They were stalled efforts. It is a tale involving much heartache and tribulation, broken promises, etc. You can learn the fully story here;

Aukje’s Story

We explore the story of a fallen Founder from the Netherlands. A tale of broken promises and war breaking out in Eastern Europe, we narrate how her pride and purpose were restored after a last-ditch effort to build her legal product for the SME underdog.

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Diagnostic Method

The challenge in solving this problem was twofold as experienced by Looijmans Juristen.


Through our diagnostic method, the reason a client would buy the product became evident as well as the nature of the issues experienced previously. 
The Solution

Starting with Custom Employment Contract Templates and Progressing to Build a Fully-Fledged Legal SaaS Product for SMEs  


In addressing the errors committed by the previous two software firms they had contracted, we first considered the very core of the product: designing dynamic and fully customizable contract templates for different types of SME legal documents like employment contracts and internship agreements. 

Critical Areas of the Solution & Insights

The other areas of the legal software including account registration, sign-ups, and payment registration were considered progressively after the contract core system was developed. 

Business Outcomes Unlocked

From No Working Solution to MVP in 6 Months, Simplifying Legal Services for SMEs and Growing Client Consulting Time.


Wasting no time at all, Beta Launch analyzed and addressed the root problems, guiding Looijmans Juristen on the best way to approach their SME Legal SaaS product and delivering it in quick time. 

Results Speak for Themselves

Hear the Founder of MetJip, Aukje Looijmans, speak about how Beta Launch rekindled her hope and passion in MetJip, and got them ready for launch in mere months (after over 3 years of waiting and two stalled efforts).  

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