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Build Digital Products That Match Customer Needs

Knowledge Framework Solution

With close to 60% of all Australian family businesses expressing their digital capabilities are weak, as per PWC’s Family Business Survey 2021, the problem of digital product and project failure among family businesses is justified.

Our Product Strategy Workshop solution helps deconstruct digital growth transformation for NextGen leaders and those in tech roles, to launch projects and products that match users, whether customer facing or internal, therein supporting your growth transformation efforts.

Service: Knowledge Framework Workshop

Build Products and Projects That Match User Problems First

The Beta Launch Product Strategy Workshop offers NextGen leaders and tech champions in family business a solution to the problem of launching digital products and projects without having considered the full set of transformation opportunities, risks, and costs. In workshop format, we illustrate how application of our specific segment validation and user-problem match framework at the start of transformation efforts can tackle the problem of digital product and project failure among family businesses. Post workshop, we speak with your customers across segments and provide a customized actionable research report identifying opportunity and priority clearly.


A Concise, Interactive Workshop Format – Absorb, Interact and Get Immediate Actionable Insight

The Product strategy Workshop engagement is quick and simple, perfectly suited for family businesses to progress their digital product and project understanding in a short time span. In coordination with you, we will arrange to host the half-day workshop sessions either physically or online based on your preference. The workshops will involve presentations, book recommendations, interactive conversations, and Q&A sessions. The post-workshop engagement involves a week-long period of customer/user discovery which Beta Launch will self-conduct, and finally offer a custom report.


Leave the workshop with a clear plan for the future

A concise strategy to increase sales and grow business

Cut tasks and spend that do not give returns

Become your company's product leader

Pricing & Deliverables

A clear-cut pricing and value model for your Knowledge Workshop Solution.

Solution Cost


Deliverable Units

Pricing & Deliverables

A clear-cut pricing and value model for your Product strategy Workshop

Solution Cost


Deliverable Units


Clients Always Offer the Best Validation

‘The product Tracified has had a product out for several years but we were running into a few challenges scaling and moving past our investment partner-based customer acquisition model. It left us wondering how many of them actually used the product. Beta Launch came in and offered a framework to analyze our opportunities and challenges while understanding who our actual customer segments are while identifying their major pain points. The workshop was compact and offered lots of value. We knew immediately what we should focus on, right from product features through to marketing and sales.‘
Uthpalie Thilakaratne
Co-Founder – Tracified

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