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IT or Digital Transformation is a journey. Our custom services match wherever you may be in it.

How closely do you understand your IT journey? As a family business, with challenges ranging from planning for succession to working closely with a non-family CEO, we understand there is little time to address perceived non-core needs such as IT. But our services make IT simple while connecting it to core family business goals such as improved profitability and growth, better productivity, and innovation. Explore them below.


Custom services for family businesses to take the digital transformation leap.


Launch Strategy

Understand your different customer segments, the risks and value attached to each, and how to build the right digital solution for the audience.


Design Experience

Design a digital experience that targets your audiences’ needs and pain points accurately, with a clickthrough prototype to test among actual users before building.



An end-to-end digital solution allowing your family business to understand segments, design, build, and transform digitally to get your first 10 customers.


Scale Teams

Get specialist resources in areas ranging from UI/UX design, and product management, to testing, to grow your teams without the headache of hiring and managing.


White Label Software Products for Family Business

A simple, quick and effective way to get a software product bearing your family business’s name into the market or for use internally. Our white label software products are ideally suited for family businesses in areas such as professional services and manufacturing.


Perfect for legal and professional services firms or for internal use, our digital contract management product offers contract templates that can be executed compliantly and managed online.

Human Resources

From managing employees, and payroll, to employment contracts, our white-labelled HR solution is ideal for your firm’s clients requiring end-to-end HR or to streamline your HR function.

Approval Management

A purpose-built approval management product suited for claimable expense types such as medical, OT, and insurance, to streamline your approvals process internally or for clients.


A specialized IoT prototyping product for industries ranging from manufacturing to facilities maintenance, it allows for faster, more cost-effective evaluation of IoT use cases plus device testing.

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