The World of Beta Launch Unearthed: Stories and Opportunity from a Global Tech Powerhouse

Beta Launch Stories:
Zest for Life

The Beta Launch whole is the sum of many colourful individuals, and we feature their intriguing stories and perspectives here. The frequently held Beta Launch-styled events, from persona-hosted learning, stripped-down music sessions, and beach cleanups, to rendezvous out of town, are also presented in this space.


Help Shape a Global Tech Behemoth

Whether in marketing, product, testing, development, or design, we believe problem-solving is at the very core. We invite you to join a community of like-minded problem solvers and enjoy growing across work and life together with us. Explore the many Beta opportunities listed below!

Full time • Colombo, Sri Lanka

Full time • Colombo, Sri Lanka

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Beta Launch Basics

The Knowledge Route to Prod Leadership

A curated selection of product and marketing essentials from reviews of classics like ‘Crossing the Chasm’, and course recommendations, to easy outreach templates. Must-know material for any Product Leader!