Reset Thinking with Sanjeev – How to Succeed in 2022 and Beyond

@BETALAUNCH.HQ We had our second Beta Launch session for June 2022 on Reset Thinking. This session that took place on June 15th was conducted by Sanjeev Jayaratnam, a Coach and Trainer in corporate development and speed reading. Considering the current economic situation and financial crisis in Sri Lanka, this session was a great and effective […]

Growth Mindset with Charlie

@BETALAUNCH.HQ Charlie Karunaratne, an Ex Product Lead for BBC and an entrepreneur, conducted the first Beta Launch session for June 2022. The session took place on the 1st of June 2022 and was based on Growth Mindset. The session provided valuable insights into our professional development and personal growth. We are glad to have ended […]

The World of Webflow with Prasad

@BETALAUNCH.HQ Prasad Ranaweera from LAYOUTindex conducted an introductory session on webflow to our Engineering team. The team gathered valuable insights on webflow, the best practices to follow on web flow