There is a big difference between user experience (UX) design and user interface (UI) design. its essential for a product or service to deliver a good customer expense making it easier, smoother or faster relieving necessary pain points, creating value to its users. User interface design can almost be categorised as a subset of UX although focusing on the more tangible aspects of the matter. A good user interface delivers clear information and instructions to its users, minimising change to the usual behavior. This can also be described as the “look and feel” of the solution.

White Box is a planning toolkit used by government and non governmental organisations to deliver and evaluate cultural development activities. The founders of white box have been working with local government organisations around australia for over 7 years perfecting the process and the evaluation algorithm making white box one of the “most asked for” solutions by their market segment.

Beta Launch was engaged by WhiteBox to work with their team and customers and to help improve the existing web solution user experience. Since whitebox was derived from years of academic research, the initial feel of the product was an information overload to most of the non academic users. The the toolkit was text heavy and crowded as well as had 8 standard steps and a lot of sub steps within them.

We worked with the customers and the founders to better understand the users goals and pain points so we can not only improve the visual appeal but also provide meaningful user experience improvements interarms of usability, functionality and visual appeal.

Since this was a complete UI rework and the current codebase was evolving for the last 5+ years (and outdated/ no support) we also upgraded the WhiteBox codebase & stack with minimum rework on the backend code reducing cost, providing scalability options and using best practice.