Talking to Humans Explored in Full: Understand Your Customers Like No Other and Build Products Customers Want

A hands-on customer development guide that is now required reading for entrepreneurs and startups globally, our in-depth look at Giff Constable and Frank Rimalovski’s classic will help you develop the must-have skill of vetting startup ideas and convert learnings into action!

Giff Constable

Success Starts with Understanding Your Customers

A Practical Guide to Customer Development Excellence

Recommended by startup gurus like Steve Blank, this customer research bible takes you through the qualitative aspect of customer development, helping you identify whom to interview, what to ask, and how to convert the insight gained into action! It’ll teach you how to approach people and talk to them, find out what their real problems are, and solve these for paying customers.

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The Essence of This Must-Read Startup Title: Build As Your Customers See the World, Not As You Do

With practical guidance on ‘how to get out of the building’, an idea common in the product and startup world, the book’s central ideas revolve around how to effectively run customer research. From selecting interview candidates that fit, and running more effective customer interviews, to generating actionable insights from these conversations, the book will set you up to know your customers fully and enjoy product success!

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Talking to Humans in Full

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We review this globally-read customer development handbook in-depth, starting with how you can begin customer discovery and 5 key questions to ask yourself including ‘Who do you want to learn from?’ and ‘How will you approach them?’. We go through each section of the book closely, so you can strengthen your customer development skills without crashing and burning as soon as you venture ‘out of the building’.

Keen to Talk to Humans and Build More Mindfully?

We’re well-versed in Giff Constable’s customer development methods, mostly through practical experience understanding our own customers.
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