Crossing the Chasm Deep Dive: Tech Marketing and Selling to Enjoy Mainstream Product Success

A globally acclaimed tech marketing bible that’s helped 1000s of startups unlock hyper product growth and market success, our breakdown of Geoffrey Moore’s classic will help you understand the product adoption lifecycle stages and cross the gap to enjoy 10x growth!

Geoffrey Moore

For Mass Adoption of High-Tech Products

A Guide to Move from the Early Market into the Mainstream

This startup classic launches into the adoption lifecycle for high-tech products, introducing the continuum between those who demand the latest things vs those who want final solutions and convenience. It illustrates clearly where a particular product may fit, so you don’t fail to meet the unique needs of each group and miss going from the early market into the mainstream.

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The Crux of This Tech Marketing Manifesto: Master the Lifecycle and Speed Up Adoption Across All Its Segments

Clearly understanding the technology product adoption lifecycle’s five segments, progressing from innovators to laggards, will help you see the massive gap between those who want to be the first to get new things and those who’d rather wait until they know the technology in full before using it. Know the different segments, pick a market that matches, maintain focus, cross the chasm and realise 10x product growth!

Book reviews

Crossing the Chasm in Full

Our review goes deep into this high-tech marketing blueprint, taking you from understanding what the chasm is in the context of the tech adoption lifecycle, picking a niche to focus your efforts on to ford this gap, to positioning yourself as the market leader within this niche. We go through each chapter of the book in detail, on a progressive path of marketing knowledge, theory and application, to forever leave the chasm behind.

Chapter 01

In a technology life cycle curve, we have the innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority and the laggards. However, we need to understand their importance before exploring these individuals in detail.

Chapter 02

Before we understand high-tech marketing, we first must understand what ‘marketing’ means. According to Geoffrey A. Moore, marketing means taking actions to create, grow, maintain, or defend markets.

Chapter 03

The chasm is a dangerous place. There are many dangers of the chasm that we will be looking into in this article. The chasm promises new customers, but this isn’t the case.

Keen to Cross the Chasm and Enjoy Mainstream Success?

We know quite a bit about Geoffrey Moore and his high-tech marketing wisdom, purely through practical experience marketing and selling.
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